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Committed to Making a Difference

Ke'Mara Deanne Davis is passionate about politics and the effects of social injustices on her community. Not everyone is empowered to speak. She strives to give the forgotten person a voice. 
As a child, she was active in her community and sought out opportunities to make a difference. Growing into a teenager she realized that as a teenager she has a powerful voice to make an impact on important issues affecting her community and her world. She realizes that ultimately politics affects everyone and it is up to everyone to make a change.  It should not be for a select few to decide the rights of many. In 2020, while being part of the many protests and social unrest after the murder of George Floyd, Ke'Mara realized that teenagers have a voice that should be heard and she decided to have a call to action by establishing Teens For Political Change. She realized that we don't have to stand by and watch the atrocities happening around us. Through her organization, she would like to provide other teenagers with a voice as well as the opportunities and the access that they will need to be the leaders of tomorrow. She hopes that with her organization, teens can reach their fullest potential as the next leaders to take on their counties, states, and even the country.
"We are the next generation and it is time to make a difference." ~ Ke'Mara Davis

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